Saturday, February 7, 2015

✰✰UNIQSO I.Fairy Avior Grey Lenses

Hello lovelies~! I have another Uniqso review for you today!
I've been meaning to do this one for a while now.
Uniqso sent me these lenses a while back to review for them, but I did
a video review on them, so day I will be actually writing the review
and going a little more in detail with these amazing lenses!
Also feel free to use my discount code 'EllieDoll' for 10% off!
So these are the lenses. They are 16.2 diameters! They don't really looked that big compared to my other 16 diameter ones. These are actually a smaller than that. But they do appear to make your eyes look more bigger. They range from -0.00 to -7.50 in power! There's grey, white, and black tones to them. The design is really beautiful, it really makes your eyes appear animated and almost sparkling in the sunlight. They are very comfort too, I don't have  any problems with them one bit. Here is how you find out whether or not circle lenses are safe for you
These lenses remind me of a Fairy, because the way they
make your eyes stand out and sparkle.~ I love it.
I would totally recommend these if you are going for a sweet and mythical creature look. I have dark brown colored eyes so on me they look like a darker grey on the inside and little grey on the outside rim of my eye :)
I used these to kinda cosplay a Flower Fairy~
Here some photos!
<3 Flower Fairy
I had a little too much with the filters.. lol Soo here are some photos with
different lightening to make it look more mysterious and mythical like. <3
The lenses look more mysterious with this lightening too. I just love the design on them!

And final photos <3
Well that's it for today ~ I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
I will see yoo soon! Thanks <3
Bye bye!~

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