Saturday, January 31, 2015


It's been awhile! I am sorry for the late. But today I have a quick review!
I will be doing more reviews soon. It's just been really busy lately and I haven't
put all of my outfits together, but stay tune for a Taobao Review.
Soo lets get right to it :D


Soo Brandedkitty is a very popular and cute online store that sells a lot of 
girly clothes. I would have to say, it's not a very cheap place to buy clothes.
Their clothes is very good thou, I am suprised with the fabric and material.
Even though its kinda expensive, I believe it worth it, if you are the 
type of person who likes very good quality clothing.~
Okay when you first go to the website, you will see different categories,
where I got this shirt wast the category Juizwoozy~
It's super cute!~
So this T-Shirt is very nicely fitted. I got it in a size small and it fits well.
On the shoulders there's a bunch of Japanese writing and cute designs
and on the front you have a cute little guy eating something lol~
And then below that there's more Japanese writing.
On the back there is also writing.
I am very pleased with this shirt because you can style it as a casual look with jeans
yet you can also style it with a skirt and turn it into something very cute ^-^
This took about 3 weeks to arrive. It was nicely packaged and NOT Wrinkly~
I am so happy about that.Everyone other time I order clothes online and they arrive
so wrinkly and folded wrong, so this time it was perfect!
And once again I always make weird faces.. >.<
But here's an outfit run down~
Shirt: Brandedkitty
Skirt: CosplaySky (Asunas)
Stockings: HimiStore
Shoes: Taobao

Well that's it for today~
I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please check out my Youtube Channel because I am
hosting my first Giveaway :D See yoooo!
Bye bye~!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

✰✰INUINU Blue Striped Pleated Skirt

Hellooo sweet dumplings~!
I have great news! I got a job! I will be working in my local mall at a 
store called TooCool <3 they sell anime stuff, rilakkumas, hello kitty,
and a much more kawaii stuff! I am super excited!
Today is my first day! I start in the evening.
alfjkdjfehrehkasdfjkhje (All the nerves out)
Anyways today I have a review on a super cute skirt from INU INU

~Blue Striped Pleated Skirt~

The parcel arrived in a week! I was so pleased on how fast it arrvied.
This skirt is super cute! It fit me perfectly, like right on the spot!
Next time I'll make sure to get one size bigger~
I really like how the folds look, 
It has a really nice design going around the skirt too.
Its very comfortable too and not too short either.
Bonus for me ^-^
INU INU is a really amazing store.
They have really reliable prices and all there goodies are soo cute!
I just wish to buy the whole store.
Overall I am very pleased with my first purchase <3
Here's an outfit post!
Sweater: Target
Skirt: InuInu
Stockings: HimiStore
Shoes: Ebay
Well that's it for today!
I'll see you in my next post! ^-^
Bye bye~

Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello cutiesss~ <3 <3
I am back with other review today!
FINALLY my final exams are over!!!! Today was the start of a new semester!
I am already looking forward to it. I hope things go by quickly >,<
Overall, exams went okay. I could of done better, but I passed!
So today I have a review for you from the store Himi'Store.


So this store is the greatest! I love how adorable and cute all their stuff are!
They have dresses, bags, shoes, shirts, wigs, and accessories!
I ended up purchasing several things from here, but they haven't arrived yet.
The owner Himi, is super sweet! She emails right away and is always a
sweetheart! I give her lots of love and thanks for my recent
So the first pair of stockings I got are these adorable strawberry stockings!
They are super comfortable and the material feels really nice. They don't feel like
your average super thin stockings. I am really happy with them!
Next, these are really sheer white bow tights
I really like how soft and thin they feel. They really look super cute with anything.
Lastly, I picked out just plain white ones.
Super happy with them. They aren't tight or anything. Very stretchy!
This is how they looked in their bags. Himi also sent me a free pair of sock tights!
Thanks again lovely! 
They are knee high and really soft too! 
Overall I am really happy with this purchase~
They arrived in a week!
Well that's all I have for today!
I'll see you in my next post! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

✰✰TAOBAOSPREE Bunny Hoodie

Hello my sweet dumplings~!
I am almost done with my exams!
Tomorrow I have my last one and today I had 3 >.<
I hope I did well, I studied very hard. Tomorrow's exam shouldn't be too bad.
I'll study after I finish this post!
So today's review is actually from a giveaway I won on instagram.
Lately, I've been talking to the agent of TAOBAOSPREE
She was so lovely enough to give my viewers a discount.
'Eleani' is the code. You get a discount on your shipping!

~What is Taobaospree?~

So before I get started, let me explain what Taobao is.
Its basically a chinese version of eBay. They sell a lot of cute and good quality clothes!
There are individual stores listing their products and shipping directly to you. 
But these are not bidding auctions. 
The prices are all fixed ‘Buy it Now’ prices.

~How to Order?~

When you first go on the website, you'll probably looked puzzled because its
in chinese! dkahkfhajheukakfsjg >,< NOT TO WORRY.
To translate the page go on the search box and type: STUFF
and press enter.
That will translate the website to English and you'll be in good hands.
Then you can begin your shopping!
Here are steps for you to follow:
1. You choose products on

2. Send order form to the email:

3. After Checking, the agent will reply cost to you via email.

4. Once order confirmed, Pay 1st payment to their account.
  (Paypal, T/T ,western union/moneygram)

5. Agent will buy items from seller on your behalf. (wait 2-5 days)

6. Once all items reach the warehouse, agent will email you how much the shipping is.

7. Send 2nd payment for shipping, agent will send items to your address.

8. Receive the package at home!~

Be sure to the key code 'Eleani' for a discount
on your shipping~!
Okay on to the the review!~
So I recieved this adorable bunny hoodie!

Here's the link:
Its super soft! It feels like a very strong fur material. Almost 
like a sheep c:
The hood has two little bunny ears and there's a pocket in the front.
Honestly this a very good hoodie for the winter. It will keep you
very warm and cozy!
(I don't know why I'm sad)...
Haha, but for the most part I really love this hoodie.
Super cute and warm. 
Here's an outfit post of what I wore today.
(Don't mind my basement toilet) lol
Hoodie: Taobao
Dress: Forever21
Stockings: Himi
Boots: eBay
Well that's all I have for you today! Please be sure check out TaoBao.
If you have any questions, leave a comment below ^-^

Monday, January 12, 2015

✰✰EBAY Asuna Cosplay Wig

Hello my dumplings~!
kfjdkjfaskljeike.. my final exams are this week... 
I am so nervous!
I've been working hard with my studies 
so I shouldn't be too scared but
I am anyways. I'll keep you guys posted thou :)
Anyways.. Today's review is on Asuna's Wig~
Asuna is an anime character from Sword Art Online
If you haven't watched it, go watch it now!!!
Anywho. I purchased this wig on Ebay! (I'll have the link below)
It took about 2 weeks to arrive! I was really impressed with how fast it arrived.
This wig looks a little lighter than I expected, but I think it looks fine.
It has a more light orangey color to it. It's very pretty! The length
of the wig is really long too, it reaches my lower back and I am 5'1 feet.
It's very bright too, but it's not like super extreme.
So here's a photo of how it looks on the website.
I really like how it has the braid on the back.
I am still going to style it better, but for now this how it looks on me.
The bangs are a little to long still, but I'll cut them later :D
This wig is super soft too! I've never had wig this soft before!!
It doesn't get tangled up either!
And last photo >,<
Overall, I am very pleased with this wig! This will be my first cosplay ever.
I am super excited for my costume and the rest of my stuff to arrive.
I didn't purchase Asuna's sword, instead, I made it! The sword was really easy to make,
a little time consuming, it took me 2 days to make and I only spent $10 for all
the supplies I needed. 
For my first time making a sword, I think it came out okay~
Well, I think that's all for today. 
I'm pretty sure my costume will arrive tomorrow.
I'll write a post on it when I recieve everything 
for my costume~!
 If you have any questions please be sure to leave a comment

Thursday, January 8, 2015

✰✰Chocolate Deco Sweets Bear Kawaii Bling Hard Skin Case Back Cover For iPhone

Hey guys~! I have another review for you today! I ended up not having
school today, due to crazy weather conditions, so I had the time to write this post!
I was waiting like crazy for this to arrive, I thought it got lost somewhere,
but luckily it arrived.
So this phone case is from Ebay (I'll have the link below on the pictures)~
I got a new phone this year so I needed a new case for it. I ended up getting this
super cute and delicious case! Honestly if it were real I would
probably eat it... >,<
Well here is how the package arrived~ Very good condition!
I like how it  was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap
So cute~!
It was such a struggle putting in on my phone. I 
thought it wasn't going to fit
but it did!~

Taada! I am really happy with it!

They have this available for: iPhone 4, 5, 6 and Samsung Galaxy
(I believe other carriers too..)
Well that's it for you guys today~!
I'll be posting more reviews for you very soon. 
I have final exams soon, but I will post if my packages
arrival in the mail soon~!
Thank you, Bye Bye~

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

✰✰PINKYPARADISE Geo Diamond Blue Circle Lenses

Hello my lovelies~
I hope your day is going swell!
Well this is my very first review for you today. I've never done a blog before
this is my very first time! I will be doing this more often for sure~
Well lets get on with the review
So these circle lenses are from 
They are called Geo Diamond Blue lenses. They are 15.0 diameters. >,<
Really does make your eyes pop! The lenses have a really nice blue tone to them and has a
diamond design going around the whole iris of the eye.
As you can see they are really pretty~ They look great on light or dark colored eyes!
These lenses last up to 1 whole year. Make sure when always putting lenses to 
always wash your hands and wash the lenses with contact solution.
Never sleep in contacts and never share them with others.

Here's a picture of myself wearing them~
Thumbs up for my rilakkuma onesie!

Here's a brighter picture so you can see the lenses closely~
Close up~

Well that's it for today~Be sure to check out my other social medias!
If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below~
Byebye ^-^