Wednesday, January 21, 2015

✰✰INUINU Blue Striped Pleated Skirt

Hellooo sweet dumplings~!
I have great news! I got a job! I will be working in my local mall at a 
store called TooCool <3 they sell anime stuff, rilakkumas, hello kitty,
and a much more kawaii stuff! I am super excited!
Today is my first day! I start in the evening.
alfjkdjfehrehkasdfjkhje (All the nerves out)
Anyways today I have a review on a super cute skirt from INU INU

~Blue Striped Pleated Skirt~

The parcel arrived in a week! I was so pleased on how fast it arrvied.
This skirt is super cute! It fit me perfectly, like right on the spot!
Next time I'll make sure to get one size bigger~
I really like how the folds look, 
It has a really nice design going around the skirt too.
Its very comfortable too and not too short either.
Bonus for me ^-^
INU INU is a really amazing store.
They have really reliable prices and all there goodies are soo cute!
I just wish to buy the whole store.
Overall I am very pleased with my first purchase <3
Here's an outfit post!
Sweater: Target
Skirt: InuInu
Stockings: HimiStore
Shoes: Ebay
Well that's it for today!
I'll see you in my next post! ^-^
Bye bye~

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