Saturday, January 31, 2015


It's been awhile! I am sorry for the late. But today I have a quick review!
I will be doing more reviews soon. It's just been really busy lately and I haven't
put all of my outfits together, but stay tune for a Taobao Review.
Soo lets get right to it :D


Soo Brandedkitty is a very popular and cute online store that sells a lot of 
girly clothes. I would have to say, it's not a very cheap place to buy clothes.
Their clothes is very good thou, I am suprised with the fabric and material.
Even though its kinda expensive, I believe it worth it, if you are the 
type of person who likes very good quality clothing.~
Okay when you first go to the website, you will see different categories,
where I got this shirt wast the category Juizwoozy~
It's super cute!~
So this T-Shirt is very nicely fitted. I got it in a size small and it fits well.
On the shoulders there's a bunch of Japanese writing and cute designs
and on the front you have a cute little guy eating something lol~
And then below that there's more Japanese writing.
On the back there is also writing.
I am very pleased with this shirt because you can style it as a casual look with jeans
yet you can also style it with a skirt and turn it into something very cute ^-^
This took about 3 weeks to arrive. It was nicely packaged and NOT Wrinkly~
I am so happy about that.Everyone other time I order clothes online and they arrive
so wrinkly and folded wrong, so this time it was perfect!
And once again I always make weird faces.. >.<
But here's an outfit run down~
Shirt: Brandedkitty
Skirt: CosplaySky (Asunas)
Stockings: HimiStore
Shoes: Taobao

Well that's it for today~
I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please check out my Youtube Channel because I am
hosting my first Giveaway :D See yoooo!
Bye bye~!

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