Monday, February 9, 2015

✰✰TAOBAOSPREE Dress & Shoes

Helloooo loves~! I have another review. This review was suppose to be done like
a month ago, but school literally took over my time and work too >,< 
soo I apologize for the delay.
But today I have 2 things to review for you!
A pair of shoes and a dress <3
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your shipping!
So this is the first item I picked out~ The lovely Doris (who is an agent for Taobaospree) helped
me with this order. I feel in love with the dress when I saw it because it was just too cute! 
It arrived within 20 days, great condition, and it fit perfectly.
I did have to iron it a bit because was a little wrinkling, but afterwards it was just as before :D
This dress is fitted well and the material is very silky. The color is a lavender and has
small white kitty's and colorful maroons on it. The top part is pretty cool, it has
see-through part on the shoulders and neck area. I really like it a lot.
Its very light and flowly. Overall I am really happy about this dress ^-^
So this item I picked out were these shoes
Soo these shoes are super adorable, but incredibly big!~
When I tried them on, I couldn't walk... They were too heavy for my short little legs.
Haha >,< I ended up taking them to my local shoe repair place
and see if I could get them cut. I did get them cut down a bit, but it was a lot of money.
The man in charge told me it was very difficult to cut them because it was made from a hard 
material. He did the job, but it was a lot of money to do so. But I am happy with them now
because I can walk in them with no problem. If you have long legs and walked in platform
shoes, I'm sure you won't have any problem with these shoes. Just for me it was 
hard, and I knew if I didn't get them fix, I probably wouldn't wear them.
Anyway, these shoes are really cute, on the top they have little heart cut outs. And the laces
are like ribbons. and the top part of the shoe has a heart with beads in it.
Its very cute and perfect to wear with some shorts or a cute dress.
Overall, I am very happy with my free gifts from TAOBAOSPREE <3
Thanks again Doris ^-^
Time for some pictures :D

It's very cute~! I love it so much! 

Well that's it for today <3 I hope you guys enjoyed this review~!
Please check out Taobaospree <3
See you next time ^-^

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