Sunday, May 17, 2015


OMG!! Heeeeelllooooo! It's been a long time has it?
I can explain >,< So I had AP exams.... and I took the time to study really  hard for these.. It wasn't easy, but I managed it and I finished those exams!! (cries)I am soo sorry for the delays in my posts... I apologize so much! 
I am almost on summer vacation though!!! I will have more free time!
Be prepared because there will be lots of reviews coming your way~
Anyway lets begin!
Today's review is on this lovely DATE A LIVE YOSHINO WIG
This is the very first wig I have ever tried from uniqso. I was very impressed with it.
This wig arrived very fast, between 15-20 days it arrived. It was nicely wrapped in a parcel and the wig was inside a plastic bag with a wig net around it. When I first took it out of the net, I was amazed on how beautiful the color was and how extremely soft it was! ;-: This is the very first wig I've touched that is soo soft!! I am not even kidding The bangs were long of course, I trimmed them according to my face length and trimmed to look like Yoshino's hair. The price of this wig is $26.90 which is amazing for a good quality wig. The length is long. It reaches just below my rib cage and I am an average height person. This wig doesn't get to tangled. but if you're looking for way to keep wigs in good shape and detangle them find out more here. The color of the wig matches the stock photo and it matches the characters' hair too. I am very pleased with this wig, I hope to use it for other cosplays.  Use the key code: elliedoll for 10% off your purchase!
Time for pictures!
I ended up going to a cosplay convention this weekend! It was great!!
Can't forge the silly faces~!
Well that's it for today~! I'll see you guys next time!
I hope you can forgive me for the long wait. I will be back now!
bye bye ^-^

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